The best ERP software in Indonesia and its benefits for your business

Saravahsoul – ERP software stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a software or system used by companies to manage their day-to-day business operations, such as employees, projects, procurement, projects, financial management of human resources, and to facilitate business from real-time generated data so that it helps to make the right business decisions.

How? You now understand the meaning of ERP. Let’s move on to another discussion, namely what are the benefits of using ERP software and what are the most recommended types of ERP software for your business? Here is the overview.

4 Benefits of ERP Software for Your Business

1. ERP is able to improve the operational safety system of the enterprise

ERP software systems have a low and robust firewall system where data leaks or losses are rare. The best part is that ERP software uses a monitoring system scheme where all access is monitored centrally, so the security is quite strict. With ERP, your business can be at ease and no longer have to worry about securing privacy data. Interesting no?

2. Do you want to save on operating expenses? ERP can be a solution!

The advantage of an ERP software system is the ability to perform high-complexity work automatically so that time-consuming manual work can be cut off and streamlined, such as reducing labor for various sectors done manually . automatic.

3. Business forecast can be more accurate

Every business should make a forecast or prediction of business development plan based on the business progress report. For this reason, if data reports do not match and data discrepancies occur, business owners cannot make predictions for business development because the data is inaccurate.

This is different from using ERP software, the irregularities of data in reports sent by many departments can be automatically integrated, so that the data-based decision-making to make business predictions can be much more accurate.

4. ERP simplifies various operational tasks and improves team collaboration

The advantage of ERP software is that it helps business owners to do business work, such as performing employee salaries, financial reports, inventory and other complicated work more efficiently. Finally, because the way ERP uses a centralized system, all departments can have access to reports, documents and data from other departments that can be accessed and viewed by different departments, so there is no need to manually enter data from other departments to ask because the system is automatic.

After learning more about ERP, surely you want this sophisticated ERP system, right? That is why we have made a list of the 5 best ERP software in Indonesia, especially for our readers. Here are the reviews;

SAP Business One ERP

First, there is ERP SAP Business One, a business or business management software that has an operational automation function, where business operations such as finance, product provisioning, data analysis, sales and production can be done through this software. This software is automatically connected to a central server so that it can be relied upon to manage a lot of operational data. SAP B1 is very suitable when applied to middle and small class enterprises.

Dynamics 365 ERP

Do you know the Microsoft brand? Well, Dynamics 365 is an ERP and CRM that has three main features that are sorry to miss, because this software is ideal for your business. This ERP feature can help you integrate and increase productivity in 3 different lines, such as sales, marketing, to customer service, although this software can handle it, great, right?

NetSuite Oracle

Third, there is Oracle NetSuite ERP. Well, this application not only focuses on accounting work, but businesses can also use it as a tool for business activities, financial management and customer relationships. Other outstanding features of Oracle NetSuite are financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales, business intelligence, analytics, reporting and customers. This ERP is also classified as affordable, flexible to use and there are automated internet updates and integration.

ERP Salie

In 4th place there is ERP Sage. This software is suitable for use by small to large companies. The advantage is that it can help your business in terms of increase in growth and scale of businesses. Then Sage ERP is classified as a reasonably reliable software to perform the efficiency of all operational processing, which simplifies business management processes such as fixed assets, customer relationship management and human capital management.

Odoo ERP

Lastly, there is Odoo ERP. Are you curious about the benefits of this ERP? Let’s look together. This Odoo software is unique because its use is fairly user-friendly with over 5 million users worldwide and has a super-complete all-in-one feature where all your business needs, such as CRM, sales, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, projects and purchases can be fulfilled and done by this software. Of course, in practice you can choose some all-in-one features according to your business needs. Great, right? Do not be satisfied yet! There are many other surprises of Odoo ERP.

Source: Venostech